ChirpOMatic USA, Automatic Bird Song Recognition App Reviews

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Doesn’t work

Never plays any kind of sound- neither what I’ve recorded nor the suggested bird call. Wish I could get my money back.

Chirp o magic

Love it. Grandkids do to.

I want a refund...

Cannot use without having location services on. That’s strange, but the app shouldn’t make it a requirement. I mean, If you can’t actually use a database of songs rather than location then the accuracy must obviously not be good. Haven’t even used this app because I don’t allow location services. Should be an option since I freaking paid for the app and it wasn’t disclosed that you HAVE to use location services.

Neat idea but never right

I tried this on several times. Never correct. I tried two states. Gives me wrong birds ;(

I like the idea

However, it crashes every time I attempt to use it. What can be done? iPhone 7 user


I didn’t think it would pick out the bird I was trying to find since there were several singing but it returned the one I was looking for as well as the others. I now know that it was a northern flicker. I do recommend you stand still while recording and it may take a couple tries if the bird is singing intermittently. I used it while visiting family and it was successful enough that my 75 year old mother is getting the app.

Piece of Crap App

Everything is a Canada Goose. Sparrows, Indian cuckoos, my alarm clock, a car horn honking, me whistling the Family Matters theme song. It’s all Canada Goose. Terrible sound recognition, totally not worth the money. Should be downloaded as a free app and deleted immediately.


Terrible. Always wrong. Thinks everything is a Carolina wren or an American robin.

Great idea

Sound recognition is sub par, good for beginning birder, not worth the price

Good idea, disappointing performance

The app is a fantastic idea, but it unfortunately has yet to correctly identify a single bird. It always suggests the same 3 or 4 birds - one being a raven, which not only has an extremely distinct call, but is not even present in my area. I am currently trying to get my money back for the app. I would consider re-downloading once the app is out of this apparent development phase, but I would definitely not pay money for it as it exists now.


This doesnt work as well I as I hoped. Takes too long to get going and was only accurate some of the times. Its a cute design but wish I wouldnt have spent $4.

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